Our tax goal: Tax compliance is important to us.

As a registered Tax Practitioner with the South African Revenue Services (SARS), we can assist with tax queries. Our team are constantly researching and developing their tax skills and knowledge.

A tax compliant business is based on establishing sound policies and implementing these consistently. Policy formation, based on a good understanding of the industry norms and the individual business practices, are important to develop. Our caring and personal involvement in our clients business, enables us to understand their needs. Business Soul Accounting can assist in the correct tax structuring and policy formation of your business.

When we do not know the tax answer, we will research the best solution for your business. Business Soul Accounting cc depends on integrity and is willing to honestly help you.

  • EMP201, EMP501, IT3(a), IRP5
  • VAT201
  • Income Tax
  • Dividends Tax
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Planning and Resolution of Tax
  • Registrations
  • Estate Taxes
  • Liquidation Taxes
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Budget Speech 2018

Gigaba hardly paused for a breath during the South African Budget Speech 2018, to prevent interruptions. With the odd sip of water and random comment of “cheers”. He highlighted the challenge of our time, equal access for all and continued with words of optimism and resolve. Certainly, we need hope, as the country’s finances are in a precarious state.

Withholding Tax
What is withholding tax? Withholding tax, also know as non-residents tax or retention tax, is defined by the nature of the tax. Governments require the bank or the payer of the funds, the withholding agent, to retain a percentage of the funds paid to foreigners.Withholding Tax
Employment Tax Incentive - South Africa
Once again the draft Employment Tax Incentive Bill has been tabled. The bill proposes tax relief to the employee. This is expected to pass on to the employer by reducing the effective cost to company, thus enabling companies to employ staff at a lower cost. Read More