We have a comprehensive knowledge of the Rules of the provincial Law Societies and the applicable sections of the Attorneys Act 53 of 1979.

Sheldon Conway, CEO of Business Soul Accounting cc, was involved in establishing the Reform Audit Support System (RASS), an attorneys trust account inspection program, implemented by the Attorneys Fidelity Fund.

Attorneys need time to focus on their practice and to spend less time working on administration. With the ever-increasing compliance requirements, trust accounting has become a burden to many attorneys. We are here to ease the burden and provide support to attorneys with the responsibility of maintaining the integrity of the trust account.

With the current skills shortage in Trust Accounting, Business Soul Accounting cc is addressing the shortage by offering:

We have added to our extensive knowledge of trust accounting with the use of reliable trust accounting software. Business Soul Accounting cc is experienced in trust and business accounting. We have skills to assist and establish an enterprise resource plans (ERP) to care for your needs. We currently service attorneys throughout Southern Africa.

Reform Audit Support System - Changes
The Reform Audit Support System has had significant changes in the last few months. These changes will impact the attorneys in KwaZulu-Natal with ... Read More
Reform Audit Support System
The Reform Audit Support System (RASS) has been sponsored and supported by the Attorneys Fidelity Fund (AFS) since inception. The project was originally piloted by the Kwazulu-Natal Law Society. The AFS has officially taken over RASS as a permanent project. So what is this project and will it assist you as an attorney?Reform Audit Support System"
Legalsuite Spotlight on Business Soul Accounting
We take a break from putting our attorneys under the spotlight and give a long suffering (13 years) Accountant a chance to shine...Legalsuite Spotlight on Business Soul Accounting"