Donations, what SARS needs to know

Donations, what SARS needs to know

  • Are you making donations to your children?
  • Did you make a donation to a third party, that is not a registered NGO/NPO?
  • Did you write off a loan to another person, a trust or a company?

Shortened Personal Income Tax Season

SARS published, on the 04 June 2018, a notice confirming the personal income tax filing season will be shortened. Individuals normally have from July until the end of November to file tax returns. Non-provisional tax payers will now need to submit their returns in four months.


Budget Speech 2018

Gigaba hardly paused for a breath during the South African Budget Speech 2018, to prevent interruptions. With the odd sip of water and random comment of “cheers”. He highlighted the challenge of our time, equal access for all and continued with words of optimism and resolve. Certainly, we need hope, as the country’s finances are in a precarious state.


Giving Back

Business Soul Accounting and our team decided we would give back to Ndabezinhle instead of having a Christmas lunch. We put on our old clothes and...


Budget Speech 2017

Pravin Gordhan presented the Budget Speech 2017, under challenging economic conditions both globally and locally. Some significant changes were implemented this year affecting both individuals and companies. Can an economy continue to survive on a less than 1% growth rate?


Secretarial Services

Efficient Secretarial services are a key service that we provide to companies, close corporations and trusts.


Christmas blessings

We wish all our readers and client's a special blessing this Christmas. The year in South Africa has been a challenging one ...


Blowing in the wind

Most storms in our region begin with a hot berg wind. Some people will bring out their costumes sit back next to the pool and enjoy the heat. Others will batton down the hatches, make sure the cars are safely parked in the garage and then sit back for the last few hours to enjoy a quick dip in the pool. Others will panic lock everything away and hide, with the expectation of heavy down pours and floods. Some don't even have anything to pack away and enjoy the relief of a cleansing rain. Children will run in the blowing autumn leaves, catching...


Backupbank Saved the Day

A prominent and respectable attorney firm recently had a staff member delete files and folders on the server by mistake. Added to their whose, the daily backup device failed the day before and so substantial amounts of data were lost. We have been running for a few months with our client...Read more

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Independent Review

We are qualified as Independent Reviewers and offer a limited assurance engagement service for companies.

Independent Review Score Read more

Caring for your business

Caring for your business


Business Soul Cloud Backup Bank

Business Soul Cloud has launched a new product called Backup Bank.

Backup Bank

This exciting new product is used to backup all local data to an off-site (cloud) location. Documents, spreadsheets, pictures, templates and folders can be synchronised to a cloud server that we have set up. Read more


Old Computers
Windows XP was recently made redundant. Don't be in a hurry to throw away old laptops and computers. Read more..Details

Reform Audit Support System - Update
The Reform Audit Support System has had significant changes in the last few months. These changes will impact the attorneys in KwaZulu-Natal with ... Read More..Details

Budget Speech 2014
The Budget Speech 2014, by Finance Minister Pravine Gordhan, was presented under easing global economic pressure, but on the back of a weakening Rand due to the dollar strengthening in the global recovery. Read More ..Details

Have you used trading stock for personal use or changed it to use as a business asset. Have a read of this SARS interpretation note: No 65, to find out more information on how to account for it. Read More ..Details

Privacy Policy

Financial Statements
Presentable Financial Statements are prepared to IFRS standards. We service all companies, both Close Corporations and (Pty) Ltd companies, Trusts, Partnerships and Sole Proprietors. Read more..Details

Employment Tax Incentive - South Africa
Once again the draft Employment Tax Incentive Bill has been tabled. The bill proposes tax relief to the employee. This is expected to pass on to the employer by reducing the effective cost to company, thus enabling companies to employ staff at a lower cost. Read More..Details

Business Soul Cares - Ndabezinhle Creche
Ndabezinhle Creche holds a special place in the heart of Business Soul Accounting cc. We have been supporting the creche as a part of our social upliftment 'Business Soul Cares' program. Education is important to us...Details

Payroll Reconcilliation
Are you having difficulty with preparing your EMP501 payroll reconciliation? More..Details

Provisional Tax 2014-1
Preparing your provisional tax return is a good time to assess the profitability of your business. ..Details

Withholding Tax
What is withholding tax? Withholding tax, also know as non-residents tax or retention tax, is defined by the nature of the tax. Governments require the bank or the payer of the funds, the withholding agent, to retain a percentage of the funds paid to foreigners...Details

Legalsuite Spotlight on Business Soul Accounting
We take a break from putting our attorneys under the spotlight and give a long suffering (13 years) Accountant a chance to shine..Details

Reform Audit Support System
The Reform Audit Support System (RASS) has been sponsored and supported by the Attorneys Fidelity Fund (AFS) since inception. The project was originally piloted by the Kwazulu-Natal Law Society. The AFS has officially taken over RASS as a permanent project. So what is this project and will it assist you as an attorney?..Details

PAYE Interim Reconciliation"
The PAYE interim reconciliation, EMP501, period is about to commence. We would encourage all readers to check that there payrolls during August 2011, for accuracy and detail. ..Details

EMP501 in Four Steps
Don't be flustered and confused about EMP501 easyfile reconciliations. There are four things to remember: ..Details

Trade Marks
Trade Marks protect the interest and brand of your company. Your companies reputation depends on the strength of that brand. See this article posted today by the CIPC. Please contact us if you need assistance with registering your Trade Mark. Read more..Details

Provisional Tax
Provisional tax returns are due shortly for companies and individual provisional taxpayers with a February year end. What is provisional tax? ..Details

State of the Nation Address 2013
President Zuma, presented his State of the Nation Address to South Africa on the 14 February 2013. The historical celebrated Valentines day. No love story was given. In this usual fashion he continued with business. GDP growth is expected to be down to 2.5 from 3 of last year. A program for development is once again on the cards. ..Details

Budget 2013/2014
The Budget Speech 2013, by Finance Minister Pravine Gordhan, was presented on the back drop of difficult international economic times. South Africa needs to prove, to the international community, that it has sound business practices and the ability to carry them out over the medium to long term. ..Details