Business Soul Cloud Backup Bank

Business Soul Cloud has launched a new product called Backup BankBackup Bank

This exciting new product is used to backup all local data to an off-site (cloud) location. Documents, spreadsheets, pictures, templates and folders can be synchronised to a cloud server that we have set up.

A recent spate of our clients servers and computers being stolen or attempted theft thereof as made us look at what solutions we can provide to protect, not only their accounting data but also other files. The potential to loose substantial amounts of data is growing.

We want to care for your business and believe we have come up with a solid solution to give you a reliable cloud backup solution, Backup Bank.


OwnCloudTM infrastructure has been implemented on our CpanelTM servers. OwnCloud is a well established OpenSource software that has been tried and tested. This infrastructure gives the ability to synchronise folders from a server or computers to a central point on the Backup Bank server.

The user then has access files both locally and via the internet login. Multiple Users can be added unique to your business. All files are private and can be shared per User or per Group as per your design.

This share functionality gives you and your staff access to business files from multiple locations. Whether sitting in court or on the beach in Mauritius. Your files will be accessible with a secure Username and Password.

As with any backup solution, we are not selling this product as the only backup solution. This is a secondary backup option. The first backup option should be the removable backup drive. Then we recommend implementing the Backup Bank for a cloud/ off-site backup. This will help support your existing backup in case that or the computers get stolen or burnt in a fire.

Other Advantages

The package comes with the following add ons included:

  • Calendar, with the ability to synchronise to other devises;

  • Tracking Activity changes;

  • A Search facility on all documents;

  • Picture storage space;

  • Contacts, with the ability to synchronise to other devises;

  • Contacts +: The ability to create multiple address books and share them with colleagues;

  • OwnCloud has an APP that can be downloaded to your phone or other devices and will then sync your Backup Bank to all your devices.

We are very excited about the Backup Bank solution that we are able to offer you. We believe you can really benefit from using this product.

If you are interested in subscribing to the Business Soul Cloud Backup Bank please contact us. The above are examples of sizes you may need. We are happy to customise a solution for you. You can use this solution for business or personal use.