Independent Review

We are qualified as Independent Reviewers and offer a limited assurance engagement service for companies.

Independent Review Score
  1. What is an Independent Review?
    • An Independent Review is an alternative assurance engagement where the independent reviewer provides limited assurance on a set of annual financial statements when compared to that of the reasonable assurance provided by the external auditor. Assurance is the degree or level of trust the users can place on the credibility of the information contained in the annual financial statements. The Companies Act 71 of 2008 recognises SAIPA members as Independent Reviewers.
    • Now that is a lot of jargon. Simply, if you own a Pty Ltd company, you do not necessarily have to do an audit any longer.
    • You could need a Professional Accountant prepare only Annual Financial Statements. We can help with this.
    • You may need an Independent Review.
  2. Can Business Soul Accounting assist you with Independent Reviews?
  3. How is a company scored?
    • There are a number of factors to consider when scoring a company;
    • The third party liabilities;
    • Number of directors;
    • Number of employees;
    • and various other factors;
    • Some of the factors that would lead a company to needing an independent review, are that the company is not owner managed.
    • Let us help you through the scoring process. Contact us