About Us

Business Soul Accounting cc was founded in 2007 by Sheldon Conway. We are registered as Independent Accounting Professionals, Accounting Officers and Tax Practitioners with the Institute of Accounting and Commerce.

At Business Soul Accouinting we make an effort to care for your business every day.

Our head office is based in Hilton, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. Our client base is spread throughout Southern Africa. Within South Africa we are servicing clients in most provinces.

We are well staffed to care for our clients. As registered and accredited trainers of the IACSA we provide ongoing staff training to improve the skills of existing staff and to bring up to speed any new staff members. We develop Standard Operating Procedures for all our clients to ensure continuity in our service levels.

Why the name Business Soul Accounting? Sheldon Conway (Director)
Business: Our strategy is to provide you with the accounting backing to build and understand your business.
Soul: is defined as the inner most being or core of a person. Soul is also defined as the first breath of life given to man by God. We at Business Soul Accounting are humbly offering a service to care for the core needs, the soul, of your business and we hope that we can be a breath of life to you and your business.
Accounting: Our priority is to provide efficient and effective accounting services as a reliable accounting firm.
Director Business Soul Accounting Qualifications:
  • Independent Accounting Professional
  • Accounting Officer
  • Tax Practitioner
  • Batchelor of Commerce (UNISA)
  • Member of the Institute of Accounting and Commerce
  • More than 20 years experience in accounting, cost accounting, financial statements, business strategy and tax.

His experience includes:

An extensive knowledge in Attorneys Trust Accounting, Trusts, Estates, Estate Tax, Manufacturing and Stock Control, Cost and Management Accounting, Agricultural and other Project Management, and Tax Services. Developing Business Plans for business strategy. We provide services and solutions to international and local companies trading in the Southern African region. Software Development. Ongoing interaction with Legal Accounting Software Developers and Users. Software training and installations of Sage Accounting, Payroll, VIP Payroll and Legal Accounting Software.